Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker 3.5

Developer Salling Software AB

Use your mobile device as a remote control for PowerPoint, iTunes and more.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth Remote Control 2.0

Developer Bluetooth Shareware

HIDClass driver.


dotPocket 3.0

Developer Eyeline Communications Inc.

It is an easy-to-use Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 application.


LockItNow! 1.1

Developer Bluetooth Shareware

Let your Bluetooth mobile phone automatically lock and unlock your PC.


Bluetooth Remote Control Java Mobile

Pocket Controller-Enterprise

Pocket Controller-Enterprise 5.0

Developer Soft Object Technologies Inc.

Pocket Controller-Enterprise provides helpdesk remote control.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Remote Control

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Remote Control 4.1

Developer Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB


PalmVNC 2.0

Developer Olivier Gérardin

PalmVNC is a program to access and manage computers remotely.

Winamp Bluetooth Control

Winamp Bluetooth Control 1.0

Developer Nullsoft.

This is a tool for controlling Winamp with a mobile phone.


PuppetMaster 0.9

Developer Eidetic Technology Pty Ltd

It turns your cell phone into a universal remote controller for Windows.

Mobile Witch Remote Control

Mobile Witch Remote Control 5.2

Developer MobileWitch

Mobile Witch Remote Control lets you control you PC using your smartphone.

EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition

EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition 4.0

Developer Sparus Software

Control your mobile device using your PC with EveryWAN Remote Support.


Moccatroller 1.8

Developer Gamblin Software

Moccatroller is a remote desktop/remote control application.

Mobiola Remote Control for Windows Mobile

Mobiola Remote Control for Windows Mobile 1.0

Developer Warelex LLC

Phone Remote Control

Phone Remote Control 5.2


Phone Remote Control is a true universal remote control.


Bluetooth Remote Control Java Mobile

Remote PC

Remote PC 5.2

Developer Egor Pushkin

Remote PC Suite is a host application that allows you to connect your devices.

Jeyo Remote

Jeyo Remote 1.0

Developer Jeyo, Inc.

Operate your PC using a mobile phone wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Phoenix Freeze

Phoenix Freeze 1.0

Developer Phoenix

Phoenix Freeze protects your computer from being used by someone else.

Remote Touch

Remote Touch 2.0

Developer T2

Remote Touch is a quick remote control & file transfer app for Windows Mobile.

PowerPoint Bluetooth Remote Control

PowerPoint Bluetooth Remote Control 1.0

Developer Mike Taulty

PowerPoint Bluetooth Remote Control for SmartPhone

PowerPoint Bluetooth Remote Control for SmartPhone 1.0

Developer Mike Taulty

Mobile BT Remote

Mobile BT Remote 3.3

Developer FASTCODE, SRL.

Mobile BT Remote turns your Nokia mobile phone in a remote controller.

Remote Touchpad

Remote Touchpad 1.0

Developer Tomasz Pawlak

Gives your touch-screen mobile phone ability to act as wireless touchpad.

Brm Bluetooth Remote

Brm Bluetooth Remote 1.2

Developer Matúš Blade Koprda

This tool can control your Windows PC from a Java ME enabled cell phone.

Mobile Control PC

Mobile Control PC 2.1

Developer ZCStar, Inc.

This is a software which allows you to remote control your computer by email.

Player Remote

Player Remote 1.2

Developer tvpc remote

This is a remote control from the mobile phone to open your own computer.